What sets Metalsco apart?

1. Our scrap business is not a sideline to a primary metal business.
2. We do not operate physical scrap plants, thus we do not compete for local dealer and industrial accounts.
3. We buy and sell scrap at premium prices for direct mill shipment from independent scrap processors for conversion, toll and consumer accounts!

Metalsco is a leading market-maker in many major scrap commodities

* #1 Copper, #2 Copper, Mill Grade Brass Scrap, Copper Choppings, Enamelled Copper Wire, Insulated Copper Wire, Segregated Aluminum Alloys, Secondary Aluminum Scrap, Painted Siding, MLC, 18-8 Stainless Steel

* Birch-Cliff, Cobra, Cocoa, Honey, Grape, Berry, Candy, Label, Dream, Sabot, Ultra, Tablet, Tale, Taint-Tabor, Taboo, Tense, Straight & Mixed Containers